The 2010 Chargers are going to be different, thats for sure. Lost in the LT drama has been several huge moves that directly affect this teams ability to contend this season.Lets detail whats happend in the last few weeks, and try to see the future while we are at it.

1- Antonio Cromartie Traded To Jets for conditional 2011 number 3 or 2 pick

3 years ago this was unthinkable, Cromartie was the golden boy, with the longest play in NFL history and 10 picks under his belt. Then, reality set in. Cromartie has multiple kids with multiple moms, what a burden. Any smart guy knows when to get out, and AC clearly does not have that gear when dealing with nightclub Ho's. Cromartie stedily has regressed, to the point of playing his way right out of here, and I think he did it on purpose, AC hated it here. The Chargers will have to take a DB somewhere in the draft, lets hope this one is a little smarter.

2- Jamaal Williams Released

The Chargers anchor for the better part of a decade was released with litle fanfare. Williams missed last season with an injury, but the real reason he was cut was his salary. The NFLPA has created a huge dichotamy, where players sign contracts beyond most of our wildest dreams, but have virtually no chance of collecting the back end of  those deals. Williams will turn up in Denver or Oakland, believe it.

The Bolts need to find a way to get into the top 10 in this years draft, otherwise they will have to try to find a diamond in the rough in the lower rounds.

3- Kassim Osgood Released

Special teams standout Kassim Osgood grew weary of waiting for Phillip Rivers to throw a pass in his direction, and has signed with Jacksonville looking to become a starting wide receiver. The Chargers may rue letting Osgood go, he may end up being a Pro Bowl receiver. The Chargers are solid at WR, but this scenario needs to stop happening, where the Chargers say one thing, the player says another, and gets cut. There is very little loyalty in the Chargers front office, they treat players basically like beef.

4- Darren Sproles Retained

Sproles was all but gone, then the Chargers took a realistic look at letting the fastest back in the NFL sign with the Broncos or Raiders, and pulled Sproles off the market. GOOD IDEA. Sproles is probably the most popular Charger at the moment, and someones face has to go on the season tickets eventually...


More to Follow....