It has been 25 years since Donald Sterling stole our team, 25 years of losing, so maybe old Donny did us a favor.The SAN DIEGO Clippers were on the verge of being a great team when Sterling bought them and ran them into the ground. I feel that he purposely made them suck so he could move them, just like in the movie Major League. 

I remember , because I worked for the Clippers back then, as my friend and myself shot the official coaching game films for them. The Lakers had an in house video studio, the Clippers paid us 25 bucks a game to bring in our camera and vcr. Sterling put his face all over town with billboards and bus ads that said "I will make you proud of the Clippers."

I am still waiting for that to happen, as Sterling has destroyed this franchise, which once had great players like Lloyd Free and Bob McAdoo, Any Clipper fans out there have to know that this franchise is cursed, because I am the one who cursed them. As long as Sterling owns that team, they will never win a championship.

25 years without the NBA, its hard for me to even watch Basketball, as it is a party we are not invited to. I will NEVER cheer for the Lakers, it is just too Dodger like.

 I also feel the NBA flat out has abandoned not only us, but several decent basketball markets, such as Seattle and Kansas City. It's a Bling festival nowadays anyways.          Bring Back Pistol Pete Maravich!!!

Until we get another franchise, Sterlings team will suck. COUNT ON IT!!!!!!