I knew this was going to happen, as the USA has become a nation of wusses. Big hairy protesting foul mouthed wusses.

There was a time when MEN accepted their scoreboard fates, but that day has passed, now we live in a world where EVERYONE gets a chance, no matter how undeserving. God fobid your mama should be upset that her boy lost the big game, and now she gets her way. 

What is next- I know, lets get every one a hole in one, or lets make sure every one can dunk the basketball by lowering the bucket. I have watched the Chargers LOSE most of their playoff games in my life, yet NEVER did i feel they got screwed by some obscure rule.

I dont give a rats ass about Peyton Manning getting an extra possesion in the post season, by god , win the damn game in regulation or face the consequences. And its obvious that I am a tiny minority, surrounded by people with PARTICIPANT ribbons on their chests.

If the Chargers end up winning the Super Bowl because of this rule, watch as the nation collapses under the weight of their own stupidity. You cant take a leak in this country anymore without some splinter group having a hissy fit, demanding equal peeing time.

I said it before and i will say it again, if you think this is a good rule change, you are a wuss. How many games of MADDEN football have been decided by the old rules? Millinos, and yet I never heard any players complaining about it. Commissioner Goddell might as well be Bad Luck Schleprock...

That sound you hear from under the ground is Vince Lombardi spinning in his grave...