I love access to MLB network, something i did not have until last June, ya get a chance to listen to announcers that you would otherwise never hear. The early buzz among the talking dunderheads is that the Padres are done, before we throw one pitch.

I must disagree, San Diego leads the majors in stolen bases this spring, and they may damn well lead the majors all season. Petco Park is designed to eat opposing power, while San Diego sends speedy players into the gaps. It only took Padre management 6 seasons to finally start tailoring this team to its home, which is entirely different from my beloved Murph.

San Diego probably will not win the west this year, but with the Dodgers lined up for their first last place finish in many years, the Pads have a good chance to finish at 81-81, provided the starting pitching holds up.

So bring it Rockies announcers, you guys are just BRONCO fans wearing a different hat, and we KNOW how to deal with insane drunken Colorado Cowboys... watch as the Denver faithfull runs for the hills if the Rockies get off to a bad start....