The regular season is almost here, and My Padres are the biggest question mark in Baseball. I was watching the White Sox broadcast of SD vs Chi eariler this spring, just to see how other teams view us, and the Sox announcers were most critical of the Padres.

In describing the constant turnover of San Diegos roster, they hit most things right on the head- no continuity, and who the hell are some of these guys?

Good question...

Even I had to squint a few times as the innings progressed, looking at my own team and having to wonder who is batting gets old. I envy teams like the Cardinals, who continually trot out the same solid line up- occasionaly adding a stud like Matt Holiday to keep things fresh.

The Padres big move last season was to add slugs that were gone before they could even get into a baseball card photo while wearing those damn ugly Sand and Mud unis that Padre management seem to think we all want.

Predicting an exact amount of wins for the Padres is like trying to get 3 holes in one in a row- good luck with that. I am hoping for a nice 81-81 season, and maybe a few clutch wins along the way, but it could get ugly real fast if the pitching and hitting cannot have a good game at the same time.

Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride....