Well, its yet another baseball season approaching, and once again the question is"Will the Padres contend?" It is a tough call, after all, this team has been digging its own grave since 1998, and nothing that has occurred since the end of last season leads me to believe that the Padres are going to run the table this season. 

This is one of the weakest offensive teams in Baseball, a good college pitcher could hold these guys to 2 runs. Everyone has been talking up how they Pads finished up, but no one had ever heard of most of these players- ergo no book on them.

I feel that once National League scouts get a good read on these guys, a .200 team average is not out of the question, add that to a suspect pitching staff without ace Jake Peavy, and it could be a long season here in the land of sunshine and bikini's.

Its been 12 season since we went to the world series, and it may be 12 more before the Padres get there again. New owner Jeff "I dont like Brown and Gold" Moorad has about 10000 mles to travel before I trust him. Sign someone real, then you will have my attention ala Goose Gossage or Steve Garvey. Signing both of those guys showed that then Padre management was SERIOUS about winning, trading for Dusty and Jerry ain't going to get it done...

All I ever want is a 500 season, and sight of the division leaders. The NL West is a weak division, who knows, the Pads might actually sneak up on a few teams, after all they are not the only crappy team out there.