We enter 2010 in exactly the same spot on a new stadium for the Chargers that we were in 2001, as in nowhere.

The debate rages on and on, and the Murph is allowed to go yet another year without anything more than patch on the fly maintenance.

  I can assure you, if you are there to watch football and have a good time, there is nothing wrong with the Murph that a little TLC would not fix. The problem is the skybox people, who are who the chargers cater to, take a look at the gold club level at the Q, it sure is an upgrade from the rest of the place. The Chargers could have redone the entire stadium like that, but us common fans get an unpaved parking lot, and cobwebs on the water fountains.

Hopefully the Chargers and the city can finally reach an agreement on a spot downtown, where we will see outrageous ticket prices, and lots more limos...