The #16 Zags (21-4, 9-1) were in the zone on both ends of the floor, opening a 19-0 lead, en route to a 82-65 Gonzaga pounding of USD (9-18, 2-9).

The Zags played hustling defense to begin the game, frustrating San Diego into turnovers and missed shots for the first 7:23. "That shows we can't be stopped when we play defense,we came out of the gate throwing punches."said Gonzaga's Robert Sacre, who scored 11 points in the victory. 

The Torero's have now dropped 9 of their last 10 games, and are limping toward the conference tournament, where they will be the bottom seed. San Diego scoring was led by Brandon Johnson, who put up 21 points.  Johnson became San Diego's all time leading scorer, passing Gyno Pomare.

Toreros coach Bill Grier was looking for answers afterward, saying that "It felt like we were down a hundred to zip, it's the first time in a while that they had the deer in the headlight look. It happens in here."

Gonzaga honcho Mark Few was pleased with his squad's effort, stating proudly" I did like that start, that's a great indication they were ready to go." With the win, Few moved into first place for top winning percentage of an active college coach with at least five years experience, posting an  .802 on the board.

Gonzaga is rounding nicely into March Madness form, and the Zags should do well in the Tournament. San Diego's only remaining hope for a solid end to this season is to get hot in the WCC tourney, and run the table. Grier has his work cut out for him, he must find a way to get this team turned around. 

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