World Cup Thoughts Vol 3

Speed kills, and the USA found itself in a track meet with Ghana, whose pinpoint passing in the first half kept the lads on their heels all night long.   Team USA hung in there, but in the end, Ghana was just the better team, and they earned my respect in a 2-1 win, if not my admiration in eliminating the USA for 2010 from the round of 16. Ghana dominated vast stretches of the game, playing keep away and forcing the USA to finally attack the ball.




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Ghana was just jumping higher-

Ghana engaged in some FLOPPIN after securing the lead in OT, but I suppose its part of the game, wasting the clock. But it was kinda pussy to just lay there and let a medical team board you and carry you off, only to hop off of the board 20 seconds later and start hoppping. Ghana sold it to the refs, and thats all that counts at the World Cup.

If the USA intends to go deeper in this tournament, SPEED and PASSING must be improved, along with the defense. But they are getting better, a little more at each World Cup. Ask any French fan if they would trade for a quality performance such as what the USA showed the world in 2010.


As I write this, Germany is wiping England all over the field at 4-1. England has looked pretty awful during their stay in the cup, it is going to be a long rebuild for the UK. Germany looks every bit the Mercedes Benz that they are,  flashing excellent passing and pressure defense.


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Overall, I feel Germany and Brazil have the best chances to win the cup, with Argentina as the dark horse favorite on the outside. Argentina has been unstoppable on offense, but eventually they will have to stare down the best. Brazil has the power to compete in a shoot out, and Germany also seems to have the speed to keep up.

This year's cup has been full of surprises, with Italy taking an early shower, the Vuvuzuela becoming an internationa phenomenon, and the fact that the USA actually seems to be watching the games on TV. San Diego has been putting up a 9+ in the ratings, and once again I must ask where the heck is our MLS team? Qualcommm Stadium is the perfect venue, and socder is played year round out here. MLS investors should take a look at this situation, its a no brainer.


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Speaking of France, what the heck was that from Les Bleus? Self importance is always the unforgivable sin, and the French squad may as well have dressed as Napoleans, as the coachs, players and management spent their stay at the cup engaged in a contest to see  who was the stupidest of them all. It was a TIE, as they all seemed pretty stupid to me...

12 years removed from being world champions, France has allowed the team to become arrogant and lazy, and the results speak for themselves.

Checking into the ritziest hotel they could find in South Africa, the French team aparently bonded by gorging on imperialest tidbits while hurling goblets of champaigne in each others faces... Charming... In todays tough economic times, there is nothing like getting that "let them eat cake" mentality front and center for all to see... Its a French world, we just live in it...

The team returned to France as a national and worldwide disgrace, and the rebuilding has already begun.Nothing will change until that sence of self importance is put aside in favore of team play.

More to come...